Merrow Dramatic Society Amateur Dramatics in Guildford since 1922

Welcome to Merrow Dramatic Society

With roots going back as far as the 1920s, Merrow Dramatic Society has been producing high quality productions for many years. Based at the heart of Merrow near Guildford, Surrey, UK, we pride ourselves on being part of the local community. Our productions vary from straight plays to poetry evenings, play readings, musical theatre, plus a host of social occasions including an annual barbecue and rounders match and a skittles evening.

Productions are performed at the professionally-equipped Electric Theatre at the heart of Guildford town centre. The annual pantomime, a regular feature of Merrow life since the 1950s, is performed at Merrow Village Hall.

We pride ourselves on a varied program including straight plays, comedies, classics and thrillers. Keen to make use of local talent, MDS is always happy to welcome new members of all ages, both on and off stage.

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COVID-19 MDS would like to extend our gratitude and admiration for all our members and supporters who are working hard to keep us safe and the country going during this difficult time. If you are a key worker in the NHS, a carer, in child care, in the supermarkets and pharmacies, post office, or anyone else who is working hard and risking your own health for the good of others - thank you. Your MDS family are here and with you all the way, to reach out to if you need us.

Stay safe, stay home, and we look forward to being creative with you soon!

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Upcoming Productions

Pirates Of Penzance - Junior Musical, Merrow Village Hall. POSTPONED to May 2021 due to COVID-19 situation.

Speakeasy Night
A 1920s-inspired night full of fun, dance, and entertainment. A café with food will also be provided and a request for all to attend in 1920s attire. POSTPONED to JULY due to COVID-19 situation.

14-17 October 2020 Wind In The Willows - A spectacular new muscal adventure.
The Electric Theatre, Guildford


Our productions are either held at the professionally equipped The Electric Theatre or locally at Merrow Village Hall .

Get Involved

Whatever your skills…there’s an opportunity to get involved!

MDS welcomes new members of all ages. Whether you want to be involved on-stage, off-stage, back-stage, front-of-house, or as a Director or musician we'd love to hear from you. If you decide to join, membership is £20 for adults, £15 for juniors, and £25 for a family per year. We sometimes ask for a 'Show Fee' to cover licensing costs.

Rehearsals are held at St John's Church Hall, Merrow usually on a Tuesday and Thursday. In January we stage a Pantomime locally in Merrow Village Hall. Two other productions take place at The Electric Theatre in May and October.

Choose a play…and direct it

MDS is seeking new Directors to take on the challenge of directing a play at the Electric Theatre, Guildford.

Choose your play, then agree it with the MDS Committee. We will give you plenty of support - particularly if you have not had much experience before. We have an excellent Company of all ages - both men and women.